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How to Unclog a Dishwasher

A dishwasher definitely makes life easier in the kitchen. Not only do you not have to contend with dishpan hands, but it also saves lots of time cleaning up after meals. Like most appliances, at some point, your dishwasher can break down. Should this happen it is important to learn how to unclog a dishwasher.

  1. First: Cleaning

    The first thing you should do is some basic cleaning of dishwasher parts. Remove and rinse both the top of the air cap and the drain hose until clean. These are sometimes a source of your clog.

  2. Second: Replace parts

    If you still have a clog, replace the pump's drive belt as it is likely worn and causing clogs. Another part to check for damage is the drain impeller.  Your dishwasher comes with a manual which provides you with a wealth of information about changing parts. It is possible that the machine needs a new motor. Simply spin the motor by hand, and if it does not spin, you need to buy a replacement.

  3. Third: Dishwasher jets

    The source of your clog could have something to do with your dishwasher's jets. Consider cleaning both the dishwasher and the jets with a vinegar rinse. Another place to clean is the dishwasher's insides as sometimes food deposits in corners and leads to clogs.

  4. Fourth: Helpful preventative tips

    To keep clogs from occurring, there are some basic tips to follow. Always wash small items in the basket so they do not fall into the bottom. Also, keep the inside of your machine clean. It is a good idea to spray the gunk first and let it sit. This makes cleaning much easier!